Do you have trouble keeping a party alive? Need some remixes in your playlists? For everything that's hip and hop in music, ask a DJ Quaventa for advice! These genre-savvy critters with funky tails are now available at Quality Assurance.

And speaking of unusual behinds... A few keen eyes have already noticed, but if you're still out of the loop, check the Premium Shop for these adawgable Woophin. They might have a emotionless expression, but deep down they just want to be loved by you!

Last but not least, the names for the hatches of that Unidentified Crystal of Crowley's are going to be tallied soon, so stay tuned for the follow-up threads asking for descriptions. If you still haven't had time to vote for or suggest names, use this chance! The names and descriptions just might finalize the way of release if it's relatable enough... you never know how far this community project will take us. ♥


those quaventa are very original!

and eee, those premiums were one of my favorite entries from the ga contest!
a dose of rose
Adorable c:
Aa yay more quaventa <3 I love these ones. The woophins are super cute too, but I won't be able to get them >_
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Sunday October 21 2018 4:55 pm
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