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Name: Cydewinder

Nickname: President Awesome
Previously known as: Captain Awesome
Joined: October 15, 2007
Last seen: Riding an elephant into the sunset
Gender: Male

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Claw. Grab. Prize!
5168 points

Click Forest
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Dirt Digger
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Fishing Fever
172 points

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Quality Assurance
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9 points

Tribal Tracking
316 points

Plesurge (Storm Legion)
(Level 1)
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Festival of Competition - Excavation
(#244, 51 points)

Festival of Competition - Grass Dodging
(#424, 19 points)

Festival of Competition - Sphere Sorting
(#354, 1 points)

Avengers of Altazan - Amateur Adventurer
(#228, 2 points)

Skelwing Conquerer
(Earned on November 2)

Skelwing Conquerer
(Earned on November 26, 2014, 12:43 am)

Drat Lover
(#1, 51 drats)

Drat Recruiter
(#57, 51 drats)

Frizzard Supporter
(#54, 46 frizzards)

Molevolent Spotter
(#137, 8 points)

(#164, 239 points)

Mega Heart Matcher
(#1, 4 hearts)

Heart Matcher
(#181, 4 hearts)

Easter Defender

Easter Defender

Popcorn Packer
(#46, 176 points)

Hooble Helper
(#213, 30 points)


Storm Tribe

Thursday August 17 2017 12:31 pm
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