Arcane Orb

Release Date: Apr 02, 2019
This adoptable does count for collection
Favorite food: Treat
Handler value (GBC): 0
Artist: Hunter
# in existence (Total): 55
# in existence (Re-release): 0
# in existence (Top Level Medals): 0

This starry bauble lies nestled in a bed of moss. While it may just be common light reflections, it seems as though sparkling wisps occasionally emanate from it.

How can I get this critter?

This critter has retired

This critter is not tradable

Evolution information

Top levels

11. Arcane Orb (Level 59)
12. frozen (Level 58)
13. Arcane Orb FROZEN (Level 57)
14. Arcane Orb (Level 57)
15. Arcane Orb (Level 55)
16. Arcane Orb (Level 55)
17. Flight Rising (Level 54)
18. Arcane Orb (Level 52)
19. Arcane Orb (Level 52)
20. Arcane Orb (Level 48)

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Wednesday June 26 2019 9:05 am
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