Sentinel Koda (Vampire)

Release Date: Mar 13, 2020
This adoptable does count for collection
Favorite food: Energy
Handler value (GBC): 0
Artist: Hunter
# in existence (Total): 11
# in existence (Re-release): 1
# in existence (Top Level Medals): 0

The Koda are spirits who are tied to an original mask, acting as servants to whoever wears it. These Koda were typically utilized as sentinels in underground keeps and dungeons. Should they spot any unwanted visitors, their masters are quickly informed through the link they share. This version of the Koda is unique, as it also deters the unwelcome by absorbing their life force, weakening them completely should they stay too long.

How can I get this critter?

This critter is available

This critter is tradable: Search the Trade Station or Marketplace or Auctions

You can hatch this critter from a Golden Egg

Evolution information

Level 10

Top levels

11. Sentinel Koda (Vampire) (Level 20)

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Monday April 6 2020 12:44 am
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