Creel (Deep Sea)

Release Date: Mar 18, 2020
This adoptable does count for collection
Favorite food: Tare
Handler value (GBC): 0
Number left to stock: Unlimited stock
Rarity: 80
Shop: Adopt til you drop
Artist: DarkSunshine92
# in existence (Total): 11
# in existence (Re-release): 0
# in existence (Top Level Medals): 0

Although these fishlike creatures look like they can gobble you up, they are actually very friendly! Their teeth are more to scare of predators than anything else.

How can I get this critter?

This critter is available

This critter stocks in Adopt til you drop and costs 150

This critter is tradable: Search the Trade Station or Marketplace or Auctions

You can hatch this critter from a Golden Egg

Top levels

11. Creel (Deep Sea) (Level 2)

Art Sheet

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Monday April 6 2020 2:25 am
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