Advent Calendar

It's the holiday time, my favourite time of the year! Come and see me every day to get a gift!

This year, I have hidden your advent prizes and to claim them you need to solve a riddle! Each day I'll going to pick an adoptable in the adoptable guide and give you the name.... but SCRAMBLED. Once you get to the right page you'll be given the advent adoptable, and one christmas bottlecap which you can use to purchase extra advent adoptables!

Advent Calendar - Today's Riddle

You've already solved today's mission! Congratulations and check back tomorrow!

Advent Calendar - Shop

Each day you will get one Christmas Bottlecap. These can be spent here to get duplicate prizes! You can collect multiple sets, or army your favourite! It's up to you! You currently have 15 red christmas bottlecaps! Each prize costs ONE bottlecap.


Christmas Gifts

In addition to the advent calendar, from early December you will be able to visit another user's profile page and give them one of your adoptables as a Christmas Gift! They won't get to see what they've been given until Christmas Day when they will be able to open their gifts and see how generous you've been! There are no prizes for giving gifts, the joy of knowing you've made another user happy is your prize!

Saturday December 15 2018 5:16 pm
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