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sed-chan said: These look so awesome! Does Sharpie tend to stick and stay on the primed Maruchi figures? (I'm asking because I would probably use that instead of acrylic paint, since I don't have any.)

Do not use sharpie if you're going to use a varnish. It'll make it run.

Eggy0 said: I'm considering buying one of the primed ones! I'd love to try painting one lol :)

Don't put me on the list yet though. I'd like to try to get some $BCs first.

As for brands of acrylic paint, I have a couple of Marabu Decorlack colors (they look like this) and I may get more if they work. Do you have any experience with this brand and do you know if it would work well with a primed Maruchi figure?

Never used that. I'm going to try pebeo paints today (very affordable student acrylic) to see how they go.

The current paints I use that I do know work are model paints. Vallejo game colour is very affordable and covers well, but games workshop citadel line are a bit dearer.

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Thursday July 9 2020 1:52 pm
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