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So I've added my two new army adopts to my user page(Airbooster Firin (Sky Blue) & (Spitfire) and for some reason the picture doesn't show the adopt. I've checked the code several times and you can even click where the adopt pic should be and it takes you to the adoptable guide, but still no pic of the adopt. Can anyone help. Thank you.

Posted June 11 2019, 3:33 pm

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I took a look at your code and the url of the image

The issue is that the adopt image has two _ in the link and not just one (like in your code)
Not sure why there are two in the URL, but this is the case why your images are broken

So if you want to use the proper image URL, use these two:


Hope this helps ^^

The Truth Is Out There

Posted June 11 2019, 4:05 pm
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Saturday September 21 2019 10:06 am
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