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Hi there,

There is no option to sell/donate my Awesome Adopt in its adoptable page. Also can't put it in trades.



Posted November 13 2019, 2:23 am

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Looking at the adopt ID, it most likely is a Heart of Gold one and as you could read in a more recent News Post, these are not tradeable (this includes MP and TS)

On an adopt that is just black lines, you simply can't see the difference. I can provide an example as I recently did this myself...

12368742.gif?4959 and 10824230.gif?2158

The Dale on the left is HoG and the one on the right a regular one

Since yours has the Cyde Medal and not a 2nd Ed. one (so no GE hatch), it being a HoG adopt is the only possibility and explains why it does not show up. There also were none given out recently unless my memory is off. So wich an ID like yours got, it is new and can pretty much only be a HoG version and as said, these are not tradeable. Only original. You could check if the trade setting on the adopts are check/unchecks as then, they do not show up either (I checked on my two Awesome adopts, on is hidden checked like this, the other is not), but I think in your case it is HoG and the reason why id does not show

EDIT: I did a small test myself. Even if you have all options unchecked on an adopt, you have the "Abandon this adoptable" option on a regular adopt. BUT, on a HoG one, the option is missing completly, no matter if checked or not, the button is not there. So you can do a quick and easy check if yours is in fact a HoG adopt or not

EDIT 2:After rereading and seeing you mentioned pounding is no possible (sorry, I just woke up when I replied to this) ... yes, yours is a HoG version. HoG adopts no longer be pounded. That is why the function is missing, All works like it is intended to be

Posted November 13 2019, 9:38 am
Edited November 13 2019, 1:56 pm by Roan
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