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Ideas and SuggestionsIdea for Fetch210 amadeus1928 Roan on Jul 2, 15:43
Help!No results for a valid search02 Vyrie Cydewinder on Jun 28, 21:25
Ideas and SuggestionsMark which adopts are part of a legion04 Firstborn Dragon Ty on Jun 21, 8:59
Help!Cherry follow-up02 Flamewire Cydewinder on Jun 11, 12:44
Ideas and SuggestionsChimeleon Repaints06 Ty Ty on Jun 4, 21:53
Ideas and SuggestionsA couple of ideas013 partylikeafish Roan on Jun 2, 5:27
Ideas and SuggestionsReset adoptable order when sold06 Pendulum Roan on May 30, 7:25
Help!Multiple answers for Jabbys Number Block02 Salvete Cydewinder on May 16, 20:03
Help!Husky Cylin Plushies02 Pepper_ Cydewinder on May 5, 12:49
Ideas and SuggestionsSmall Repainting Suggestion02 Multifavs Cydewinder on May 4, 14:23
Help!Compare Collections list out of order02 Flamewire Cydewinder on Apr 25, 19:39
Help!Truly "Lost"?02 WingedLegion72 Cydewinder on Apr 25, 19:32
Official Competitions(GA) Design a Forum Text!08 Quetzal Cydewinder on Apr 11, 15:10
Help!Outdated Info02 Kirby Cydewinder on Mar 15, 0:55
General DiscussionAbyssosaur Research067 Xena12 Xena12 on Mar 7, 10:49
Official Competitions(GA) Design a Forum Text! - Q&B016 Cydewinder Quetzal on Mar 9, 11:28
Ideas and SuggestionsInbox of the PM03 superstar87 Cydewinder on Feb 22, 14:35
Help!Did I abandon this adopt before?03 Salvete Roan on Feb 15, 23:17
Ideas and SuggestionsFF: time since last stock always showing07 xXFrostXx Flamewire on Feb 16, 7:02
Ideas and SuggestionsVery simple suggestion07 tssguy123 Cydewinder on Feb 15, 13:05
Help!Question about Prize Shop/Purchase log?03 Virtual Headache Cydewinder on Dec 31, 3:02
Help!Message when buying Prize Store adopts02 Salvete Cydewinder on Dec 11, 9:47
Help!Freedom Forest bug on Mobile Phone02 Yashima Cydewinder on Nov 25, 8:29
Help!No marketplace option for adopt 203 Snorlax Cydewinder on Nov 13, 23:26
Help!Pots on online list02 jirachi100 Cydewinder on Oct 24, 23:54
Help!Further issues with the L&F02 KittySummers Cydewinder on Oct 10, 0:16
Help!Question about Lost and Found02 jirachi100 Cydewinder on Sep 30, 10:24
Help!Lost and Found Bug02 Salvete Cydewinder on Sep 29, 10:25
Help!Another Lost and Found Bug?02 Salvete Cydewinder on Sep 29, 10:23
Help!Untimed Lost & Found adopts02 jirachi100 Cydewinder on Sep 16, 10:59
Ideas and SuggestionsRevisiting Keepers014 Rentzorz Hubba98 on Oct 20, 11:37
Ideas and SuggestionsCollection Page - Medal Search04 Rentzorz Rentzorz on Jul 22, 4:38
Help!gold glitch02 holy kris2 Cydewinder on Jun 28, 14:23
Ideas and SuggestionsAbout adopts with a 'chance' of evolving06 TeddybearofDeath TeddybearofDeath on Jun 16, 22:56
General Discussion(rant) Getting tired of the CE cooldown010 Americahero25 [_____] on May 29, 21:39
Ideas and SuggestionsExtreme clicking possiblity012 picachuluvr picachuluvr on May 30, 4:27
Ideas and Suggestions"Thank you for having a Heart of Gold!"010 Salvete Ty on May 16, 7:47
Help!Adopts painted without finalizing colors02 Vyrie Cydewinder on Apr 25, 1:03
Help!Recent Glitch02 rubeusbeaky Cydewinder on Apr 12, 10:16
General DiscussionShow off your Sleepy Bears!019 Hubba98 Cries on Jun 27, 15:06
Ideas and SuggestionsGolden overlay on booster (user cr #3)06 Salvete Cydewinder on Apr 7, 1:36
Ideas and SuggestionsUnpaint Brush for RNG-painted adopts09 Vyrie Flamewire on May 20, 7:08
Help!Heart of Gold Animated Adopt Issue02 Wirewolfgirl Cydewinder on Mar 17, 1:30
Help!Lag in the CE02 Jeancarlos6787 Cydewinder on Feb 21, 9:04
Help!No "new" pink adopts?02 jirachi100 Cydewinder on Feb 10, 13:57
Help!Deleted folder and missed adoptables02 Gwiazdeczka Cydewinder on Jan 3, 18:13
Help!Dropdown Menu For Advent Prizes02 BlueFire Cydewinder on Jan 3, 18:03
Help!Darkstitch Bags - Weird Hatch02 Quagthistle Cydewinder on Nov 16, 12:22
Help!Restocking Trick or Treat02 HALESTORM Cydewinder on Oct 30, 21:57
General DiscussionFont Used?03 TaishoBee TaishoBee on Dec 9, 20:24
Help!Ads Are Not Being Displayed04 Vyrie Cydewinder on Oct 21, 19:04
Help!Light CE redirecting me for no reason07 xXFrostXx Kijame on Oct 21, 13:50
Ideas and Suggestionsenable HTTPS site-wide04 S.M. Cydewinder on Oct 21, 0:49
Help!puzzle page with display problems02 S.M. Cydewinder on Oct 20, 17:02
Help!Golden Eggs Not Hatching02 Roy Kakashi Cydewinder on Oct 1, 10:07
Help!Fandom Adoptable Hatch from Capsule?02 Steph Cydewinder on Oct 1, 10:05
General DiscussionTest with Cyde07 Cydewinder Kirby on Sep 26, 13:18
Ideas and SuggestionsReplace the Captcha010 Quagthistle Peanuts on Nov 5, 4:35
General DiscussionComing Soon: Husky Cylin Plushies!058 Quetzal Cyclops on Nov 26, 15:08
Help!How to change password?02 Salvete Cydewinder on Sep 16, 0:51
Help!Crowley's Image on Uchi Fusion Page03 Vyrie Cydewinder on Sep 7, 12:16
Help!New Cyde adopts bug02 Mew Cydewinder on Sep 1, 14:05
Ideas and SuggestionsRename the freebies tent to monthlies014 xXFrostXx xXFrostXx on Aug 16, 4:33
Help!New achievement images are misaligned02 Virtual Headache Cydewinder on Jul 28, 15:58
Clans & ClubsPokemon Go Awesome Friends Club0431 Quetzal Rentzorz on Jun 26, 13:19
Help!Only See Half of CB in Light CE Mobile02 Dakota Cydewinder on Jun 16, 13:55
Help!Cash Shop Items as DotD02 skully Cydewinder on Jun 13, 16:00
Help!Coin had no effect02 Ty Cydewinder on Jun 7, 2:20
Help!Coin wasted02 jirachi100 Cydewinder on Jun 7, 2:18
Ideas and SuggestionsTime travel eggs02 ChibiNinja Cydewinder on Jun 7, 2:14
Help!Lucky Coin (Spacekeeper) bug02 Mew Cydewinder on Jun 3, 10:47
Help!Lucky Coin Traptors02 Lotus Cydewinder on Jun 3, 10:47
Help!Re: my weeklies in time travel topic02 xXFrostXx Cydewinder on Jun 2, 20:47
Help!Re-released weeklies in time travel02 xXFrostXx Cydewinder on Jun 2, 14:02
Help!Unpaintable Feren03 Ty Cydewinder on Jun 1, 18:52
Help!Medal Change/Glitch/I don't know?02 Thanatos Cydewinder on May 6, 12:38
Ideas and SuggestionsCE Captcha changes012 Jeancarlos6787 Jeancarlos6787 on May 6, 13:32
Official CompetitionsContest: Science Collection - Discussion04 Cydewinder Cydewinder on May 5, 20:07
Ideas and SuggestionsA Freedom Forest Suggestion021 xXFrostXx Kijame on May 5, 6:37
Help!BB coding stopped working02 Enderan Cydewinder on Apr 29, 12:45
Ideas and SuggestionsSync up Leveling ability with folders04 TARDISGirl78 Cydewinder on Apr 28, 20:41
Help!Quick Rename Doesn't Work With Folders02 Vyrie Cydewinder on Apr 28, 20:26
Help!Folder Link Bug?02 Vyrie Cydewinder on Apr 28, 15:00
Help!Quick folders question - double order #02 Oblivion Flower Cydewinder on Apr 28, 14:56
Official CompetitionsContest: Science Collection - Entries010 Cydewinder helix9 on May 17, 12:01
Ideas and SuggestionsBuffs Trading Area05 TARDISGirl78 Roan on Apr 26, 5:55
Help!Can't move back to Main (QSort)02 Oblivion Flower Cydewinder on Apr 24, 14:14
Ideas and SuggestionsLost Jungle New CC area020 Godzilla xxmidnitexglowxx on May 4, 15:25
Help!Legion Puff not rewarded03 Virtual Headache Cydewinder on Apr 21, 21:39
Ideas and SuggestionsExtreme clicking suggestion013 xXFrostXx Cydewinder on Apr 21, 14:49

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