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The Stop and Swap focuses mainly on two things: stopping and swapping!

To participate, all you need to do is select an adoptable you want to swap. Type out a message for the user that will receive this adoptable. It can be nice and friendly, or even a bit of encouragement and inspiration. If you're at a loss for words, feel free to use the default message. Remember, you don't know who will be receiving it! You could even get something you've put in yourself. Once you press the Swap button, you will get an adoptable that is currently in the Stop and Swap. The adoptable's original owner will be displayed. You can even click on the adoptable to see if it's been swapped once or many times. After you swap, you will need to wait five minutes before swapping again.

From time to time, Dirt Digger Jim will place a Skeleko in the Stop and Swap. He'll also make a post in the chatbox for all users to see. If you're lucky enough, you just might stumble upon one of these critters! If you collect all 8 of them, you can complete the Super Swapper Legion.

Currently, you have a small chance to win an Engigon statue part from using the Stop and Swap. Once you manage to combine four pieces, you'll be able to make one of your own.

Just like you can obtain Mysterious Statue (Tail End) ranomly when swapping, you may also get lucky and get a cool adopt with it!
There's a random chance a Helemental (Wind) may come with your newly swapped adopt. Two adopts for the price of one, isn't that amazing?!

Occasionally when Click Critters holds an event, you may receive an adoptable at random from using the Stop and Swap. These kinds of adopts have been awarded on holidays such as Valentine's Day and Halloween. Keep an eye out for the next time you have the chance to get one!

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