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Claw! Grab! PRIZE! (often abbreviated to CGP) is a game that you can play limited times each day. When you first begin, you start with 1 token. On your second day, you have 2; on your third day 3, up to a maximum of 10 tokens you can spend each day. If you forget to play one day, your tokens are reset to 1 the next time you play. Unused tokens do not carry over to the next day.

Each level costs one token per play, but in order to unlock a level, you have to play the previous level a certain amount of times. The higher the level, the longer it will take to unlock. Currently, there are 6 levels of CGP available.

Generally speaking, you have 4 rows x 3 options you can select from to click and claim a prize, and you will win something regardless of what your choices are. The text of each level has no bearing on the result, meaning there is no "correct" combination to get any of the prizes as listed below.
Here's a tip for the lazy: After picking your options for the first time, you can just refresh the page until you run out of tokens to get your prizes. That is, unless you're interested in this game's additional prize...

Level 1 - Arcade

Adoptables: Oxry

Bottlecaps: Green, Red, Yellow
Sometimes, if you're super lucky, you can grab two Oxry instead of one. Score!

Level 2 - Music

Adoptables: Grevall Eggs

Bottlecaps: Green, Red, Yellow

Level 3 - Wildlife

Adoptables: Birdise

Bottlecaps: Green, Red

Level 4 - Office

Adoptables: Dinox. Kuzuma, Pufogui

Bottlecaps: Blue, Green
Or... nothing. On this level, you may occasionally leave empty-handed.

Level 5 - Mechanical

Adoptables: Imp Cocoon

Artifacts: Nexus Crystal

Bottlecaps: Green, Red

Buffs: Slot Master, Sock Scouter, Worm Magnet

Level 6 - Crystal

Adoptables: Cryzard, Hundun, Kyuki, Taotie, Taowu

Artifacts: Nexus Crystal

Bottlecaps: Green, Red, Yellow
Bait: Prawn, Rock Candy, Worm

Buffs: You have the POWER!

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