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Welcome to an extensive guide on all hatching Dinomon species. In this initial guide we will introduce you to the basic mechanics that apply to all hatching Dinomon. Beyond this, there are individual Help Guides for different type of Dinomon, detailing where to find them, when they hatch and the colour types available.

The Basics

All hatching types of Dinomon start as an egg, hatch into a baby and then evolve into an adult - they are special in this aspect as while other adoptable species may have multiple stages of evolution, there are none quite as extensive as the Dinomon. However, unlike other species, with Dinomon it isn't just a simple case of letting them grow up:

The Gravestones


First thing, all Dinomon can die. If they die your adoptable is replaced with a gravestone. There is only one way that Dinomon can die, and that is if the egg takes too long to hatch. If you click on the Dinomon egg from your adoptables page you can see:

Death Clock of Doom

This adoptable will die in 6 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes

When this timer reaches zero the Dinomon will be dead. To prevent it from dying, just use the Click Exchange to level it up. If you don't have time to fully evolve it, that's fine. Simply add enough credits for it to hatch out of its egg and evolve it later - hatchlings can't die.

Premium Account holders get an extra two days on their Death Clock, raising it from 7 days to 9.

Mutated, Uncommon, and Rare Dinomon

Mutated Dinomon are a rare and lucky find. While their appearance is governed on the same time mechanics as the Normal sort, no one knows what will make it mutate therefore making it completely luck based. While rarer than Normal types, they are more common than Division types.

Uncommon and Rare Dinomon are similar to Mutated Dinomon since they are, as the name suggests “rare” to find or obtain. They however are not mutations of the natural species and thus cannot be classified as Mutated Dinomon. They too, are more common than Division types, but still more scarce than a Normal Dinomon.
Note: Each guide will show you which are the Mutated, Uncommon, and Rare types of their species.

Division Dinomon

The Division Dinomon are the rarest out of all the forms, and are Dinomon that have taken on aspects of one of the four divisions: Land, Sea, Sky and Space. These four are the rarest you can hatch, and the odds of hatching them is very low. Getting one is luck-based, so the only way to 'guarantee' you will get one is to hatch a lot of eggs.

There are a couple things to be said about Division Dinomon that might help though when working with Dinomon other than Marinodons or Traptors. For a start, Division takes priority over all other forms. This means that the system first checks to see if the Dinomon will turn Division before it checks for anything else relating to it. Another fact about these is that the time it takes to hatch is not a factor - a hatchling that would have been it's slowest grown form if it had not been a Division has just as much of a chance as one that would have been Corrupted.

Trading In Your Dinomon

The kind people at the GBC Exchange will take any adult Dinomon, and in the case of Skyrants and Traptors any stage including hatchlings, you don't want off of your hands and in return give you a small GBC payment. The stronger the Dinomon, the higher the price it will fetch.
Note: A new Dinomon trainer should remember that selling unwanted Mutant and Division Dinomon on the Marketplace or Trade Station is much more profitable than giving it to the Exchange.

When turning in Dinomon, you may not only get GBC, you may also find a Helemental (Wood) by doing so. However, these are rare and random prize.

Division Leaders

These lovely creatures are retired, having become extinct in the wild. You could try snagging one in a trade though.
In the past, while Terasaurs and Carnodons were available for their first release, you could show your division Dinomon to the researchers to get the leaders. Your division Terasaur or Carnodon would gain a research medal (medal_armada.png) acknowledging it’s status as Division Dinomon recognized by the researchers.

(Guide originally written by SitaraLukyan)

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