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The User Shops allow you to sell items to other users and buy them from other players. It is located in the Carnival in the Item Market tent.

Your Shop can be accessed under the Account tab at the top. If you have not used this before, your shop will be empty.

Selling Items

If you want to sell some of your extra items, go to Your Items. Click on the item you want to put in your shop. Note that some items like puzzle pieces from the Puzzle Trade-in cannot be sold at this time. Under the "Sell this item" section, you can choose to put as many of that item as you have in your inventory into your shop. Select a number and press the "Stock!" button.

You should now be taken back to the Manage Shop Stock page. By default, the price of new items in your stock are 0 of each cap. You can input an appropriate price for each item to stock and update prices with the button at the bottom.

Buying Items

Are you short on items? You can purchase them from other users. From the User Shops section, click on Search User Shops. Type in the name of the item you want, and set the maximum price option. 25 random shops that meet your search criteria will appear. (If you input nothing in the search field, you will be presented with random items.) Once you've found a good price, click on the name of that user's shop to go there. From there, you can buy the item you want.

Items featured in previous site events but now have no use are marked with a (Relic) tag. These can still be sold and purchased, but keep in mind that they will have no purpose.

Other Features

Edit Your Shop allows for customization of your own shop. You can set any of your adoptables as a shopkeeper and give it a custom greeting. Also, shops can be renamed and decorated with HTML. Keep in mind that these should be in accordance with the site Rules. Message the moderators or admins if you find a bothersome shop name or description.

View Your Shop lets you see your shop the same way other users would. Whenever you customize your page, check here to see if it's to your liking.

The Sales Log displays the last 100 items that you sold. Here, you can see which users bought your items. It is a good way to measure if your prices should be higher or lower.

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