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So you made it to the secret rendezvous point of the the Freedom Fighters? My name is Jagger, and I'm the leader of this group.

I call it a group, but... well, in order to be efficient, we need to take care not to attract too much attention. So you'll probably not see anyone other than me.

Jagger seems to be thinking deeply...

However, this is good for all of you who help me in this endeavour! If you don't know each other's identities, you don't have to worry about spying or betrayal... and we need to be able to trust each other if we are to save some poor critters from peril.

He shakes his right arm with an angry kind of determination.
Enter the Forest
So here's the deal. Since I know where Crowley's Laboratory is, I've taken it upon myself to personally free the creatures who suffer from that eerie squirrel's experiments. Due to the nature of his testing, all creatures start out as eggs - which makes them easier to smuggle outside for me, but also means you have to raise them so that they can truly experience freedom.

Jagger grabs you by the shoulders and looks deep into your eyes. He seems to be willing to entrust you an important duty.

Now, getting a chance to rescue these poor critters from Crowley is neither an easy task, nor a regular occurrence. You'll have to check the Freedom Forest on your own to see if there's any eggs hidden. I'm always rushing between here and there to save those eggs, so I don't have time to give you an alert. And occasionally I keep an eye on Riley's shady business... Plus, we can't have that villain know what we're up to! Secrecy is utmost important.

His voice has turned into a whisper.

There are 5 spots that I'll be hiding eggs in. You'd do best to remember them well and check all of them for eggs. You can look behind the giant rock, check out the hollow tree, run into the tall grass (no random encounters, I swear!), sift through the pond reeds or take a peek into the bushes. Any of these spots could contain Experimental Eggs at any given time, so look whenever you can!

"After you've taken an egg, I can't let you back in for 1 hour. Although... for a small handling fee of 250, I'll let you pass. The Freedom Fighters operate on donations and volunteers, since we're not in it for the money!

Please note that we do not support egg hoarding, so if you take too many eggs in a short time, you'll have to hatch them first!"
Experimental Eggs

Currently, I can smuggle three different types of Experimental Eggs away from the Lab. We have Elemental, Species and Failed Experiments. As the name suggests, Elemental eggs feature creatures that have been exposed to a variety of elements. Some creatures may look familiar, whereas others are completely new. Species eggs usually are a fusion of two existing types of critters, although the sense behind combining them is at times something that only the wicked mind of Crowley could understand. Failed eggs... well you can guess what that means. Experiments that didn't work out as planned for that despicable squirrel.

Just because he may have limited or no use at all for some of these critters does not mean they don't deserve to have a life in freedom however! That's why I keep doing what I do. And I'll need you to take care of these eggs and nurture them until they reach Level 100, at which point they will reveal the creature inside. While I hope that many of them do find a place by your side, it's okay if they find other homes as well. Just make sure they never ever have to return to that cruel place, you hear me?

Jagger does the secret handshake with you to seal the deal. It is up to you whether you keep your word or betray his trust...

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