The Master Fisher Legion

Have you mastered everything Fishing Fever has to offer? If you have, then you won't be needing any more worms, so go ahead and adopt this one!

Completion reward: Lucky Worm Adoptable

Baby Marinodon

Fire Juvenile Marinodon

Heart Juvenile Marinodon

Electricity Juvenile Marinodon

Light Juvenile Marinodon

Earth Juvenile Marinodon

Water Juvenile Marinodon

Wind Juvenile Marinodon

Darkness Juvenile Marinodon

Wood Juvenile Marinodon

Life Juvenile Marinodon

Death Juvenile Marinodon

Fire Marinodon

Heart Marinodon

Electricity Marinodon

Light Marinodon

Earth Marinodon

Water Marinodon

Wind Marinodon

Darkness Marinodon

Wood Marinodon

Life Marinodon

Death Marinodon

Kiro (Water Dragon)

Colossal Chelonia (Green)

Colossal Chelonia (Black)

Colossal Chelonia (Purple)

Colossal Chelonia (White)

Click on one of the faded out adoptables above to place one of your adoptables in this Legion. Once you place an adoptable in this Legion that adoptable becomes locked to your account and can not be traded.

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