Some of you are already in 2018, some of you are still waiting for the countdown. Either way it's been an exciting and wonderful year with lots of events and new, shiny things - and as a community, we have become much, much closer. All of us here at Click Critters hope that you enjoy what the site has to offer and keep sticking along for the ride - who knows what's in store next!

Here's to you, everyone! Cheers and sparkles for you! Without you, CC couldn't possibly be as kind and amazing a place as it currently is. So thank you for your contrinued patronage, and for all the input you have to help us make CC an even better place to be.

Speaking of sparkly... if you have taken a shine to these Quartz Wyvern Hatchlings, you'll be happy to know you can find their egg over at the The Eggery. There's a few to collect so be sure to grab those crystals when you see them! Some of the hatches might be rarer than others, so you'll have fun collecting them for a bit.

But wait, there's more! A new artist joins the ranks! Leoniecute is doing her name justice and ready to show off some adorable new critters in due time! Let's all give her a warm welcome on the team. :D


Congratulations being on the team!
Congrats Leonie! Your art is adorable X3
Happy new year~

The new dragons look amazing :D Welcome to the team Leo~
Yes, I did lose it at those new adopts. But I have regained myself. They're not going anywhere and will be less desired after a couple months or so, so I will not be buying a load of $BC to overpay through the roof for the one I want, just 300 $BC for GBC.
a new year on cc! ^^

congrats on becoming an artist, leonie! ^^ you'll do great!
Congrats on becoming an artist!
Welcome Leoniecute! =D
Happy New Year everyone! :D I am also looking forward to seeing what you come up with Leo!! ^^

And! The Quartz Wyvern Hatchlings looks good ^^
Congrats Leoniecute on becoming an official artist. :D
holy kris2
Oh my , frost going to lose it
Looking forward to your adopts, Leo <3 And Happy New Year everyone ^^
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Thursday December 13 2018 5:36 pm
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