New variations of Lein have been sighted over at the Premium Shop! Do you have what it takes to tame these genetic mutations? Head on over and find out!

If risky business is not your thing, why not check out the Cash Shop and get yourself a ChocAdopts Booster? Each pack contains a matching fore- and background, a chocolate scale modifier (Dark, Milk, or White), a price tag + pricing sticker byte and 3 specular bytes (that's white highlights you can add to your critters for some extra shine!).
P.S.: When you open your boosters, the Specular bytes will look invisible against the site's white background. Don't freak out! XD

In further Cash Shop news and beyond, please regard the following:
  • The oldest two cashie eggs had their price increase to 1k (as the prophecy foretold!) -
    the next two will increase with the next cashie egg egg release and so on until we're caught up.
  • Some old Unpainteds will be leaving the shop come February, namely: Graven, Not-So-Soulkeeper Cylin, Terros, Cuddly Kua and Lionfish Maruchi.
  • As Golden Eggs can now also hatch cashie eggs, a change has been made that resets a GE hatch to level 1. This gives users a chance to freeze a cashie egg hatch, rather than it evolving into the Unpainted within at the next click.
  • The Adoptable Guide now indicates whether an adopt counts for Collection or not on each adopt's respective page.

Last but not least, don't forget that the New Year's Clickstravaganza ends with reset! You will still be able to spend your tokens for another week, but you won't be able to earn anymore! Make the most out of today ♥
Likewise, remember to finish gifting and opening gifts by that time. As always, unclaimed gifts will eventually find their way into the Lost & Found.


The old unpainted cashie boxes I think need a raise to the hatching level. (They hatch at level 2 but even with GE hatches resetting to level 1 that doesn't give much of a chance to freeze one.
OF, I changed those boxes last night to reflect the cashie changes <3 You can always check the guide entries to see if they are tradeable and GE hatchable!
those new premium shop adopts! <3 aaah! so amazing!

ah, chocolate <3 yum! one of the best bytes!

going to have to snatch my unpainted graven soon then!
Oblivion Flower
A small question since I see they are retiring, too: are the old cashie boxes (e.g. three UP terros) GE-able and tradeable too, now? Else will they be available in any other way, such as memories, or this is the last chance? Thanks.
Yes, gifting is also available until the 8th. Everything runs to the 8th except for the CE bonus wheels and Cyde adopts.
I thought gifting was until the 8th. The advent page says "The holiday event will close at the end of January 8th. You can buy duplicate maruchi and continue to exchange gifts until then"
Small correction. Tokens are not part of clickstravaganza. They will still be obtainable in the CE until the 8th.
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Sunday December 9 2018 10:25 pm
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