The Click Forest seems just about ready to skip winter and ring the bells for spring, for the Butterbird Puffs are out and about. How many will you net for the Puff Hunt?

And of course we shan't forget about our monthly dose of Vulpaw colours as new additions to the Mystery Egg from Puzzle Pieces. When each of the sets is finished, there'll be about 4 to 5 colours each, but fret not, new Vulpaw species will be released in the future as well. Enjoy the mix'n'match for the time being. Happy hatching!
I will be editing all Vulpaw names shortly to suit our naming conventions better, as per user suggestion. :)

Last, but not least, there's a total of four new adoptable additions to Double Level Weekends. You obviously can't win them until Saturday, but they've already been enabled for Golden Eggs. Will you be lucky enough to hatch one before their official reveal?


Oblivion Flower
I'm glad Double Level Weekends get some more love! And SO many Vulpaws! XD
nice puffs! and good to see a new species of vulpaws will appear in the future!

and aaah, XD i'm curious to see what it'll be!
Now if you search by text, you'll see them sorted by subspecies since they are named accordingly ^^
Does that mean more Wish Kity Vulpaws? :D
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Thursday December 13 2018 5:39 pm
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