Hello there! I bet you thought I'd packed up and left after the holidays. Well this year I decided that I liked the Carnival so much I might just stick around! I have opened up a brand new attraction here at the Carnival - The Wonder Wheel!

I've got some amazing prizes to give away. I've got BC. I've got buffs. I've got Golden Eggs. I've even got some real life merchandise that you can win! But most importantly, I have pupperfish! Look at them! Aren't they just adorable?

To earn these prizes, I want you to help me achieve a new years resolution of mine. I want us to get a bajilion clicks in the Click Exchange. So to help us along, I will give away one spin for every 50 clicks you do! So get clicking, get spinning, and let's get winning!

I'll only be giving away spins in the Click Exchange and Pupperfish until February 11th. After that, my wheel will change to a new system to keep it fresh! So get spinning now!


This looks so fun!
Yes! Tiered rewards :D
nice! the wonder wheel is out! ^^ woo!
Oblivion Flower
Yep, Steen made an astonishing work on that, it's so detailed! This is an awesome idea, though it's coming in one of my busiest times ever XD. Oh, well, thanks for the event anyway!
Indeed, most beautiful
Let's all take a moment to admire the beautiful wood on the wheel. It looks amazing!
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Friday November 16 2018 2:12 pm
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