The January 2018 monthlies have hatched! How did you like the Planets excursion? Did you find some interesting alien critters, or did you feel just like home?

For February 2018, we figured a plain Valentines month would be too boring (besides, if you've watched the streams you know Silver has that covered) and wanted to add our own spin to this month of pairings and affection. For these eggs, the key theme was that Opposites Attract. Maybe you can already figure out each egg's individual opposition, but maybe you have to wait till the end of the month instead... Head on over to the Freebies Tent to start your guesses! The shortest month of the year is soon upon us, so be sure to click your eggs on time!

Speaking of short and time, don't forget that the Cash Shop and the Prize Store have some stock leaving tomorrow! Grab those Unpainted and Voraceon adopts while you still can! And don't forget there's new Cashies and Premiums incoming as well.


So after checking the hatches I've just realized the Ice Giant Emperor reminds me so much of empoleon. :) Probably my favourite of the hatches. So glad I got a # medal on that one.
I'm so excited about February's set! Make sure you level them up everyone! =D
i love the monthly hatches! the theme was interesting too, and i can see these critters really living on their planet of choice!

lets see what this month will bring! and everyone, get those voraceon and unpainteds while you still can!
Was unsuccessful getting a # medal on each monthly. :S I was close though. XD
Aah, that Collar Egg! I love Droopups XD
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Wednesday November 14 2018 3:39 pm
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