For all your puppy companion needs, the Cash Shop is now stocking Leaf Pupper. These playful canines have completed their first hunt and successfully defeated some menacing leaves!

Speaking of cash shop changes, we are currently working on a New Cash Shop. This is currently a work in progress but should ultimately enrich the experience! Why not have a look around? Not everything is finished but it should give you a good idea of what's to come.

If you had enough of warm cuddly fur for a while and would rather indulge in some sleek, cold steel, the D.R.A Gret just might be to your liking. These robo dragons are currently being assembled over at the Premium Shop. If you're wondering what happened to prototypes 1 and 2... so are we.


i love the puppies! <3

thanks zorz and rose for liking the D.R.A. Grets! they were fun to draw ^^
I agree 100% Rentz. And the leaf puppers are adorable too!
These D.R.A adopts are stone cold awesome.
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Wednesday November 14 2018 4:46 pm
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