Get ready to pay attention to Elemental Eggs from the Freedom Forest again! The Sphinximent, a set of elemental kitties, are meow available from there!

And if you've been following the last few streams, you noticed that Cydewinder has finished making the New Cash Shop look spiffy! It includes some explanations for bytes, the rotating cash shop eggs, and more! The fastest way to access it is currently via "Account" (in the Navigation Bar) and then "Buy Black Bottlecaps" (bottom of the list as of this moment). Drop-down at the speed of light! Wait no, that measures distance... but you catch my meaning, right? You can also access it via the $BC purchase link of our traditional Cash Shop.

The Cash Shop is accessible from the shops tent in the Carnival. If you prefer the traditional cash shop layout, you can also access the legacy cash shop from the new page!

And speaking of recent streams, not only was there some snake and hedgehog fun to be had, we also have the impression that there'll be an update for the trade station soon. It looks like items are involved. Hmmmm...


Cats AND item trading! Eeeek!
a dose of rose
item tradiiiiiing
P.S.: You can't spell homeowner without meow!
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Wednesday November 14 2018 4:25 pm
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