The February 2018 monthlies have hatched! And what did we tell you, opposites truly do attract! Were you close in guessing what's inside these eggs, or was each egg's theme too hard to figure out without the hatches to match? Either way we hope you enjoyed this deviation from the classic valentines theme.

With spring fast approaching, we've got a special theme for March 2018: Microcosmos! What sort of wonders could await in your own backyard? We have all these big and fuzzy critters on CC, so it's easy to overlook the beautiful spectacle that can unfold right next to your feet. So if you want to join us on this journey into the world of all things small, check out the newest eggs at the Freebies Tent. Who knows which kind of critters await?

Some of you with the keenest of eyes have already spotted this month's Premium Shop release. The Fruity Lurannik are here to brighten your day with some deliciously fruity colours! So head on over and grab a set.

And don't forget to stay tuned for the new cashie set!


congrats roy! ^^

ah, the monthlies looked really good! great job everyone! can't wait to see what this month will hatch into <3

and those fruity lurannik are so cute, you just want to eat them! :)
Yay, the monthlies hatched! And congrats Roy!
Roy Kakashi
My 2 top 10 monthlys hatched into the only Feral Demovox with top 10 medals on them!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
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Sunday December 9 2018 11:29 pm
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