What would a puff hunt be without the accompanying release? So here we go, with the Click Forest's newest addition: the Rakunda Puff! Go get yourself some of these little fuzzballs and more points for your score.


Roy Kakashi
Yeah I sadly did not get the common one numbered either as they were all taken before I had a chance at them. But getting the uncommon one with the #1 medal is worth way more to me then a numbered common panda. :)
Congrats Roy. I've been hoping to catch a number medal of any of them. Although haven't even caught the common one yet. XD
Roy Kakashi
I love these Puffs a lot. My favorite of the 3 is the Red Panda one which I was lucky to get the 1st in existence of!!!! :) :) :)
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Sunday December 9 2018 10:08 pm
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