The Ancient Empires monthly eggs have now hatched, and it looks like they are happy to not be encapsulated in their eggs anymore! :)

This month we welcome a new theme, namely Dark Fairytales. So who know what these will hatch! Head over to the Freebies Tent to get your own set of eggs ^^

Next up is these super cute Grickets that can be found in the Premium Shop, but keep an eye on them so they won't jump away from you.

To round it all up, we've added a new egg... Or... Rather a new Sock to the Cash Shop. Head over if you want one or if you want a cute Hippo Cylin to join you home :D


i really like the hippo's and the grickets!
aaaah, this monthly theme is my favorite yet! go go go on ce'ing these wonderful wonderful monthlies!
Looks like those dark fairy tale critters twisted up the news post! Be wary of them! And happy May everyone!
This month's eggs are so pretty!
No problem Darky! These cash shop adopts are really cool x:
Don't sweat it Darky, I'm sure no one minds. ^^ The next one will be perfect I'm sure.
Sorry for messing up my news post guys :x
Awww a literal May Day for you, Darky!
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Friday January 18 2019 4:59 pm
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