We're absolutely pawsitive that you'll enjoy the newest addition to Berry's Quality Assurance: a fresh litter of Kitty Kitzi! There's 5 purrfect little toebeans for you to collect, but fret not if your favourite breed wasn't among them: this set was so huge that we split it in half! So there will be 5 more of them in the future!

Speaking of splits, remember that the second poll for the Great Day of Click 2018 ends soon. We noticed a few people slightly miscounted the amounts of votes they entered, so please make sure to read the topic post thoroughly and check if your post met the criteria of two votes :) Depending on the outcome, this may or may not be the final poll for you to make a difference in!

And since we're on a reminder roll, remember that the current event ends May 13th! We hope you've been enjoying the thrill of the hunt so far, and perhaps some jolly cooperation as well. Don't forget to claim your legions if you had put them aside for now!


Can you still get the puffs after the 13th?
That Calico one is to die for, I'm sure Kitten would be a huge fan of all of these!
I need all of these Kitzi.
glad people like the kitties! enjoy obtaining them~
Looove the new kitty kitzi! The name seems so obvious, how were these not made sooner? So cute <3
The calico kitty!! How is it soooo cute ;-;
O.O Those Kitty Kitzi are all sooooo cute!! Nice job on them Enderan!
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Friday January 18 2019 4:16 pm
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