Lots of cool stuff to announce today! First up are some more special auctions, this time for crystal eggs. These special adoptables can hatch into some super rare critters! How much will you pay to take the chance? Auctions can be found in the green box on the top right of the home page!

Speaking of auctions, the last set that we had included two custom cyde adoptables that would be added to the site. We are proud to release the Zombie Cylin Eating a Cyde Rock, and the Snow Leopard Cydelin. Masterpieces, both. The Zombie Cylin Eating a Cyde Rock can be won instead of a cyde rock at Fishing Fever, and the Snow Leopard Cydelin can be won in the Cylin slot in the Click Exchange. They are both ULTRA rare though, so don't hold your breath!

Speaking of the Click Exchange, we'd heard that Shark Hour was getting a bit stale. So we've spiced it up with the addition of Gnawull Hour! Once a day for an hour, cute little Gnawull sillhouettes will appear in the prize reels. Line up three, and one of these is yours to take home!

Speaking of taking home, Jagger has made some changes to the Freedom Forest to help you take home even more liberated experiments! If you visit him, he will tell you about options to help support his expeditions. If you're feeling generous you can give him silver bottlecaps, and in return he will make sure his next expedition only gets the type of egg that you select, or he will bring back some extra eggs for you. The eggs he bring back still go into the public freedom forest, but if you have silver BC lying around you can vastly improve your odds of getting the type of egg you want! Additionally, the "last restocked" timer will only reset in freedom forest when eggs actually restock. Previously it still updated even if there were more than 5 eggs, which prevents any new eggs being added.

Finally, a small security update. The captcha we used previously is not offering a free version anymore, so we have had to change to ReCaptcha. You'll notice the difference next time you find a captcha. Please let us know if you have any problems!


buu I can't take more freedom forest eggs :(, I don't have time to level them, I always wait for them to level after I click 'quick level'.
Thank you for all these FF changes! I hope this ends the complaining. I apologize to anyone I hurt with my thread in suggestions and I will think before I get involved in something and before I post in the future.
That Zombie Cylin is my new favorite thing XD
There's alerts in the Light CE for Shark, Gnawull and Power hour now too.
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Friday January 18 2019 4:52 pm
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