This news was going to be a bit more... filling, but someone else posted about the auctions!

First up, another folder feature. You can now manually drag and drop the order of adoptables in your folders. You can access this from the manage folders page. Yay!

Also, the science themed folder contest has been extended a week. We realised that we didn't post any reminders about it, so we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to get an entry in and win one of those copycat slots! Read about it here and enter here!


AAA I'm so glad! ;o; Thank you so much for this perfect update! This will bring so much more ease to sorting my adopts
Oh no, that's not what I thought it was :( I mean, yey for drag and drop adoptable organization! But I thought it was drag and drop folder order.
Ack, I did forget about the contest XD Thanks for the extension!
Thank you!!!! I was looking forward to/hoping for this folder update! <3
awesome! manually ordering was what i missed <3

and thanks for extending the contest! i hope more people will enter~
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Friday January 18 2019 4:10 pm
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