For a limited time, you can now get your hands on a re-release of a Zippy Ornapet, an Unpainted Easter Egg and/or a Darkstitch Bag from the Cash Shop :D

A little information though! The Unpainted Easter is paintable now, so you can paint it if you want. However, it will NOT hatch and will stay an egg forever, it does not count for collection either, so you don't have to worry about that :)

As with the Darkstitch Bag, it has a small chance of hatching a crystal egg as well as a chance of hatching an old cashie adoptable :) Otherwise it will hatch into a Darkstitch.

Have a nice day everyone~


Need..more.. Zippy!!
That's really nice! Now I'll have to decide whether I'll get the egg, Zippy, or both :)
holy kris2
Aww guess no re-release Premiums yet :(
Look at the little tamagotchi! <3 Do want <3
that's awesome! will get an unpainted easter egg for sure, then i only miss one of the unpainteds for now ^^
Zippy Ornapet and an Unpainted Easter Egg? Huzzah!
I've always wanted to get that egg for the sake of completion and now I got it :D
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Friday January 18 2019 3:40 pm
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