Good news, everyone! Some of you might have noticed some admin shenanigans over the course of today already, including an animated test adopt that has been roaming through the Click Exchange. Could it be? Will there be animated adopts in CC's future? Veteran players will know that we had an animated adoptabled before, and subsequently, a murmur went through the chatbox... what if? What if we could re-animate it?

So here we are, everyone, the Zippy has been restored to its former glory, and subsequently found a permanent home in the Cash Shop! That's right, if you missed your chance during the re-sale, do not fret, you will now have the ability to get one of these animated little Zippy adopts at your leisure. Just look at that adorable little head bobbing! (And that delightful cash shop description!)


So proud to have grabbed this little guy in the resale!
I bought a Zippy from someone who got it from Stop and Swap. It was apparently owned by Cyde originally. :)
Pretty cool! I knew of Zippy's story about once being animated and I bought one while Zippy was on sale for keeps, but I didn't expect to see it restored to its former glory :'D
Yay! Zippy's back!
This is great!
He's alive again!
All hail the revival of Zippy, a true pixel pioneer! <3
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Friday January 18 2019 4:09 pm
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