The current monthly contests have ended, so what better time to spend your points in the Contest Shop than now? We present you the 5 Copy Cats as chosen from the Science Collection Folder contest winners!

Since June is nearing its end, let us use this opportunity for a few reminders:

- the monthly Premiums will be replaced soon!
- there's a new Cash Shop set coming up as well!
- freeze those monthly eggs (if you collect them), because you never know!

And most importantly... don't forget to mark July 7, the Great Day of Click in your calendars!


Gotta remember to do more clicking contests! Thanks again for the chance to help design one of these :D
So this Black Ice Copy Cat. Yeahhhhh. I need about 100 of them. lol
The Crazy Cat Lady will be happy to see these! As I am! :D Thank you!!!

New cash shop? Can't wait!
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Saturday December 15 2018 4:54 pm
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