Did you love the Konokus but missed your chance? Or perhaps you just can't get enough of them? Either way, get your fill with the adorable Konoku Plushies that are now available from the Cash Shop. You know you want to!

Also, there'll be new Premiums out tomorrow so hang on to those Silver Bottlecaps!

Even the sleek and shiny gadgets are given a time to rest, as the June 2018 monthlies have hatched. Did one of the Cyberspace monthlies strike your fancy? Just remember not to install anything unsafe and to not leave your devices unattended...

But all the technology in the world may not save you from the Forces of Nature that await you for July 2018. With the advances of civilization, humans often think they have conquered all there is, but they are wrong... There are many elements that are hazardous and must not be underestimated, and these eggs from the Freebie Tent are going to unleash an elemental fury to prove it. Adopt them if you dare attempt to tame that which cannot be tamed...


The cyber monthlies are all so cool! <3
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Sunday December 9 2018 11:24 pm
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