Wow! Just wow! 548,544 clicks! That's the second busiest day in the Click Exchange ever! The most clicks we've done in a day since 2011! We had 166 different users clicking at some point during the day. You guys did AMAZING!

As a result, the Fabulous Gem Dragonling has been given to you all. The more clicks you did, the more adoptables you were given! And everyone got a trophy, with a special fabulous surprise! Check your profile to see what it is!

Now rest those fingers. We want to see even more clicking next year! You'll need to save your energy!


Even more impressive that we're nearly all caught up to that year then! We'll beat that 2011 record next year, I know it. Well done with clicking everyone.
a dose of rose
Craig- yes, I think that's when HawwO was banned for cheating. Was a pretty big deal back then.
I hope everyone had lots and lots of fun! So much fab in a single day!
The changing text on the trophy is so lovely! Good job everyone!
Good job everyone!!! :D :D :D
If I remember 2011 was the highest due to some members running a script that would auto click for them. They were getting people to pay bottle caps or adopts in exchange for their service but were eventually caught. I'm sure I remember reading a post about at the time but I could be wrong.
Awesome, we beat last years score congrats everyone.
With most of the years, the score increases, but then why is 2011 the high score holder??
Hurray! Congratulations everyone! And yay for the rainbow babies =3
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Sunday December 9 2018 10:03 pm
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