Hey, you! I've got big plans. Bigger than ever before. My act is going to be the most spectacular, most amazing, most stupendous thing you'll ever see. But I don't have the right adoptables for it.... please, come and see me at Fetch and help me out. I've just added some new NPC Cylin critters for you to earn as rewards if you do help me!


The new Cylin are just gorgeous!
It was highly unfair for those who don't keep their chatboxes open certainly. Considering how popular they seem, I'm sure some people will definitely be upset that they didn't even get to try to get a number medal for the Fluffipuffs. Mistakes do happen though, I just hope they get properly announced later on for those who may be interested in hunting the last few number medals.
This is great! I hadn't realized just how many new NPCs we got in the past few years.
But who released the Fluffipuff Puffs? They're still hidden in guide and haven't been announced, but they are available in the Click Forest.
Eeeheehee <3 I was so hopeful that Series 3 would be on the horizon! Cannot wait to collect these <3 <3 <3 Cherrytop Cylins!!
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Friday January 18 2019 4:26 pm
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