The August monthlies have hatched! What amazing critters! Speaking of amazing, did you see what the living capsule hatched into? An animated Inkkitt Adoptabit! WOW!

This month's theme seems to have a bit of a rivalry going on. Who will win? The ninjas or the pirates?

The Living Capsule is taking a break for this month. Check back next month to see if another one has appeared!


Ah! So cute the Inkkitts!
I'm fairly certain I know what the egg and packet pair are. XD
Definitely amazing! I love the premium hatch! Such tiny cuties <3
Well I have a feeling I know what the spirits will be. lol

Pirate throwback month, sounds awesome!
Our first Premium Monthly certainly didn't disappoint <3
The Inkbits are absolutely adorable! I love them so so so much. Thank you for them! They're so cute down to every movement sdfsd;
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Wednesday November 14 2018 3:58 pm
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