Hey everyone! We have heard your requests for another Adopt Hunt Contest and this month we are doing just that! If you want to know what it takes to participate and enter in the first place, check here. If you have questions or discussions burning on your mind, check here. The hunt will last about 2 weeks, so veterans and newcomers alike have a chance to get a decent chunk of hunt tasks done!

And speaking of winning stuff, yesterday we had our first test-run for Flash CB Contests. With 10 Dinomon-themed Questions given, everyone who stuck around and provided a right answer received a second edition Neutral Hornfang as thanks. Our goal is to host small, quick contests like this once or twice daily for the next little while to distribute some older, hard to find adoptables among you guys. Prizes will be announced when the contest begins each time respectively, and contest times are random, but we'll try our best to keep it varied so that everyone gets a few shots regardless of timezones. All you need to participate is keep your chatbox open, and getting a right answer before everyone else does will guarantee you a prize! We're doing our best to provide questions that can be solved by veterans and newbies alike by using the tools on CC to the best of your abilities! Feedback is appreciated as we try and give you a fun time. We may also be trying out different kinds of quick contests along the way to see what works. Stay tuned!


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Wednesday November 14 2018 3:40 pm
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