It's our 11th birthday, and to celebrate we're giving YOU the gifts! Pretty sure that's not how birthday's are meant to work...., but that's okay!

There are two events going on. The first is our annual birthday CLICKSTRAVAGANZA. Until the end of September 30th you will have many extra prize rows at your disposal in the Click Exchange. We've also enabled so many bonuses - double credits, gnawulls, sharks, power hour. It's all there! Oh, and if you're lucky enough to line up three golden stars (expertly drawn of course), you'll take home one of the 21 new guest artist adoptables we've added! Remember that you can use black BC and silver BC to get extra rows, taking your potential rows per click to astronomical levels!

The second event involves the goodie bags at the top of this post. Until the end of October 6th you might spot a goodie bag floating around the site as you play. If you see one, click it so you can take it home! These goodie bags can evolve into the 21 new guest artist adoptables, but they can also evolve into the super cool Golden Capsules! These golden capsules can hatch into any shop adoptable (current or retired) that sells for the BC that matches the capsule. Cool!

Happy Click Critters birthday everyone. We really appreciate you all hanging out here and supporting the site. This event is for you :)


Oblivion Flower
Happy birthday, CC! =D And thanks for finally releasing the Oniclerks and the Q-Fees, and all the other adopts as well! =3
Happy birthday CC, so glad to have been on the journey with you all ;D
Happy Birthday CC *throws confetti and cakes*
Happy birthday click critters and all staff!
Oh awesome~! Happy birthday Click Critters! c:
Awesome stuff!
Happy Birthday CC and thanks for the great event!
Every year feels like such a milestone! Congrats always to everyone who helps make this site better!
Yep, if you use a Nexus Crystal on the bags, they won't hatch/open
Oh, I didn't notice it XD
Nexus Crystal stops the bag from opening like any other egg right?
There's actually a silver capsule as part of this event. I just put four in the post to match the other ones :)
Now we just need a silver capsule in the Premium store

Happy Birthday ClickCritters!
Wow! Happy Birthday CC!
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Sunday December 9 2018 10:30 pm
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