The hyaena is the newest cash shop adoptable to be added. Hyaena Pups are cool - when they evolve into the adult form they attract a whole pack of six hyaena and an unpainted version to join them!


If you haven't been checking the Official Puzzles there's a new one out. It's a tricky one, but there's some great prizes up for grabs! Keep checking back and let us know what you do and don't like so we can add more great puzzles.


to hard for me this time
Since I'm a (textual) nerd, I noticed that the title of this newspost (on the main page) is "Subject Here" :-P

Sorry about that… *grin*
Can we discuss the puzzles in private Messages?
Sorry superstar, 12 King of Ramsat doesn't make grammatical sense. The correct answer was 12 Kings.

I've also added another Cyde puzzle. This one is quite a bit more devious :D
Hey, Can the event "Puzzle" have some spell veriant is relly sucks when have it right just that have to be a "s" after king.

Awnser was: 12 Kings of Ramsat

I hade put in 12 King of Ramsat

Just for in guide say King not Kings in the tag "King" only resone did not pick the s in end.
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Thursday December 13 2018 5:35 pm
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