It's halloween, and some traptors have been hitting the candy a little hard... They've turned into Gummy Worm Traptors. You can buy smoothies from the cash shop to turn your traptors into these delicious looking critters!

Cylin plush update: If you are wanting to purchase a cylin plushie for Christmas this year, you need to get your order placed by the 15th of November. There will be no orders being shipped in December. After November, the next orders will go out in January. So if you've been thinking about grabbing one for yourself or someone else, get your orders in now!


Still collecting the Phantom ones, so this ones will have to wait.
Yummy :Q
I love the colors so
They look delicious. Nice job on the designs.
Aa okay these are my favourite traprors ♡
awesome!!! i love em <3
Yay! So cute! :)
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Monday July 22 2019 6:41 am
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