The Catter is the latest critter available in the Cash Shop! Look at it just fluttering around being all cute! Please note that the cashie eggs from the Catter onwards do not include unpainted adoptables, instead they will contain special rainbow variants!


For a moment I thought the rainbow one was the UP (but had been painted by the poster) at first, then I read. Shame D:

On another note, I wouldn't mind actually seeing full blown butterflies with those color schemes.
Well, they're really cute, and I was super excited... until I saw the lack of unpainteds. I certainly feel *far* less inclined to pay $6 for something that doesn't include an unpainted. Rainbows are nice and all, but we already got rainbows as a normal hatch on most of the eggs anyway. So, while this cashie is very cute, I personally *really* dislike the lack of an unpainted. Honestly, I just don't like the colors that are picked for these cashie swarms most of the time. The design is pretty, but the colors chosen are frequently very ugly. The unpainted allows me to design one I like (even though I'm more likely to just go look at the colors than to actually paint it). But, oh well, what can be done? We'll see more and more cashie swarm eggs at the same price as before but now with far less appealling options. *sigh*
Awwww, why are unpainted being removed? :'(
Ahh these are so pretty are sparkly <3 I love them
Huh, I guess unpainteds were becoming too much of a common thing or too difficult to code. No biggie, rainbow versions are an awesome idea.
Aw so cute! I love blue and black combinations so much so I bought the Twilight one already. I love that rainbow one too!
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Monday July 22 2019 7:23 am
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