Looks like Christmas is coming early for you guys! A festive little capsule is stocking in the Cash Shop, and it contains a whole set of animated Zippy Adoptabits! Please do note that this is a unique Christmas gift for you guys, future cashies will be non-animated as usual.

And speaking of gifts that keep on giving, remember that you can always check the Official Puzzles section for some fun and prizes to be had! Also, stay tuned for all the fun we'll have come December! Are you in the holiday spirit yet?


These are so adorable I had to shell out the money and buy the egg. Since there are 7, I named them for my favorite anime septet, the seven Barian emperors <3
I also think they are very cute and well made!
As a major fan of Christmas I am all for this theme! ;w; I just wish they came out right on Dec 1st, I was on my way to get the Nautilot Egg OTL
They're so adorable!
Got 2 of them with most of my $BC ^_^ They are so cute I had trouble deciding which 2 to get
Yippy Zippy!
Dear Silverclause, I have been very good this year and I would be ever so happy to get these fabulous Zippys for Christmas.

- Minty
Oh my gosh! I absolutely love these! Thank you Santa!!
Amazing adopts! Can't wait for December! CC makes this month a little more special <3
They're so adorable. <3 Very cute.
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Monday July 22 2019 6:45 am
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