November 2018 is over! So the chapter of the Dark Future is coming to an end... What awaited you? Utter devastation or a glimmer of hope?

And with December 2018, it appears we are encountering an oddly nostalgic theme... some grey, some colour, but all of it Retro it seems. What marvelous old-timey critters may await? Grab the next bunch of eggs at the Freebies Tent and find out!

Speaking of December, the Advent Calendar has been taunting you guys in the Games drop-down the last few days, but now you finally get to use it! Do your best in finding the critter each day to obtain your calendar adopts! If you're struggling, maybe someone can help you out in the Advent 2018 Hint Thread. Likewise, if you found the solution, perhaps you have the perfect idea on how to help others! No answers or hints in the Chatbox, please!

And of course, what would December be without the ability to Gift other users? Simply scroll to them bottom of the profile of any user to gift them a little something! Spread that holiday cheer with a lovely message! And remember, gifts can't be opened until Christmas Day, so wrap them with care!

Last, but definitely not least, we got a new set of critters at the Premium Shop. The Chinchilly are such plushy fluffers that they surely do not struggle when it gets cold outside, but we're certain they would much rather come home with you still, so why not invite them in?


Update: gift stats have been reset and no longer display totals from last year :)
Please note that as of right now, the gift stats from last year are still shown on people's profiles, so don't panic. XD
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Monday July 22 2019 8:02 am
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