In fact, the fun has been doubled on the double! It's been a while since the Lost & Found got some love, so this assorted pair of kitties will hopefully make for a fun time hunting! Both the Fishbowl Cat Kiro and the Kitten Kiro are out and about, looking for their place with the purrrrfect homeowner!

If you're wondering about how we doubled double the fun, look no further than the Click Exchange, where two Ram Cylin are bonking heads in a race to see which gets found first! Brown or Cream? Place your bets!

But wait, there's more! The fun was tripled all along! We have a new and colourful addition to Cash Shop. The Parparrot are joining the holiday fun with their festive plumage. The lively birds are sure to catch anyone's eyes!


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Wednesday June 26 2019 9:25 am
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