Hope you've all been having fun with the Advent Calendar so far! Don't forget to keep checking back~ And now it's not much longer until you can open those lovely gifts people have left for you! If you have struggled to find the perfect gift for someone, remember that you can still gift people until approximately early January (end date pending at this time).

Okay, but now for the actual reason to make a newspost! Namely, a lovely sale going on in the Cash Shop! As a special gift from us to you, the three Keepers and the previously featured cashie eggs are now on sale! Each of them is 250black_small.gif off their regular price. If you missed out during an egg's introductory phase (or wanted some more!) but found the price afterwards too steep, here's your chance for the middle ground!

As an added bonus, we're also throwing Premium Stars into the sale, which is an opportunity you've only had a single time before, so be sure to make good use of it now! They're 20% off, so if you've been pondering to stock up on stars, make it a merrier christmas and grab a bunch!

The sale is going on for approximately a week, so shortly after New Year's, prices will revert to their original. This is a manual process for me, so don't wait too long to grab the cashies you had an eye on!

On behalf of the Click Critters Team, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Days, or a generally good time if you observe a different holiday or none at all during these days. ♥


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone! ;v;
And I'm so grateful for the special cashie sale, I was able to get the Nautilot and Koda I hoped for!
Merry Christmas guys! =D
Thank you! Merry Christmas everyone! <3
Thank you! <3 Merry christmas!
Just a quick note, the Prem Stars show as 500 in the current Cash Shop but I believe this is more of an html text thing and does not accurately reflect price changes (after all, this is only the second time stars are on sale!). If you check the guide or the legacy shop, the proper pricing of 400 is shown ^^
Yay! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone :D
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Wednesday June 26 2019 9:16 am
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