We don't know if any of them are named Desmond, but these Moonbears are sure to entertain you either way! Or should they be Moonpandas... hm... Either way, you can find out what they're all about over at the Premium Shop! Just be sure not to confuse the moons they hold on to with giant wheels of cheese. Which is a mistake that totally never happened before. Just saying.

Also, we hope all of you made it safe and sound into the year 2019!


Just as long as I don't find their skeleton one day, orbiting the little moon. XD
D'aww. They look so happy! I really like their expression c:
Cute and sparkly~! And yess I love that throwback to asdf, the early days of my internet life.
Just for the Desmond the moon bear reference, my moonbear will forever be named 'How'd I get here'. I am not even sorry XD These are adorable
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Wednesday June 26 2019 8:46 am
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