The Seigon has thundered into the Cash Shop as our newest cashie egg. Make sure to get yours now! With this addition, the Zippy Adoptabit has moved to the standard section and has an increased price. The cash shop sale has also ended - hopefully you grabbed the bargains you wanted!

We've added some new special auctions. This time around you can bid on complete sets of keepers for non-black BC, and there's three more Cyde Rock design slots opened up!

Finally, the festive season is at an end. You have until the end of January 8th to open any gifts you've been given and to spend any advent tokens you have.


If it makes you feel better, KasumiFoxen, I feel the same way (and, if there was an unpainted, I would have bought an extra Seigon Egg to paint). With the intense devaluation of Cashies that has occurred in recent years (Cashies serving no useful purpose on the site and not even having a single legion), the Unpainted adoptables made the 600 $BCs for one egg much more palletable. Without them, the Cashie Eggs feel far less exciting and worth buying. It wouldn't matter if each egg gave out a dozen cashies. Twelve times virtually nothing is still virtually nothing. That said, perhaps the revenue the site got from selling the Cashie Eggs wasn't enough to offset the amount of time the unpainteds took to code, so they may simply have not been worth the effort. Let's face it, very few players on CC collect Cashies because of the high price tag, and, if you're going to buy a Cashie egg, you're far more likely to buy one of the more valuable unpainted Cashie Eggs than one of the newer and nigh-worthless rainbow ones, anyway, especially once both are 1,000 $BCs each.
Yes, that is true. It is nice to get six adopts plus a special one. I've just preferred the unpaintable rather than a rainbow one. Liked the customization aspect. But yes, I understand it took up a lot of time and is a shame you will be moving on from them. I will miss them dearly.
Just a reminder that before the unpainteds, we released two cashies for 300 $BC each. You now get for 600 $BC (same total price), six adoptables and an egg exclusive rainbow. That's a pretty big upgrade in value IMO.
The Seigons are awesome~ I just wish there was an Unpainted for it. I understand it's a lot of work but, I don't like the rainbow option as much. Yes, the rainbow adopt is really cool, I do like it but.. I'd much rather prefer being able to make a custom one with my own colors. Especially if I spent so much $BC on it.
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Wednesday June 26 2019 9:39 am
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