Word had grown quiet in regards to Alice, the mysterious rabbit with some unfinished business. However, we have been informed that she will be making a return to the carnival, and early estimates point to her arrival being approximately a week from now. What might bring her here once more? If our sources are to be trusted, Alice has returned from adventuring with lots of goodies, but what could she be up to? As some of you may recall, Silver had a rather unfortunate encounter with her...

However, she has not shown any hostility since, so perhaps her return will pave the way to mutual understanding. Either way you can imagine that some of the local NPCs are a tad wary, but the more cheerful ones have decided that this will be the perfect opportunity to throw a welcoming party for the lone wanderer. What might this entail, you ask?

Well, if preparations are met in due time, we'll have a Clickstravaganza coming up around about next weekend, which is a great opportunity to catch up on monthlies, hatch some eggs, and win lots of prizes! So stay tuned for this up and coming event, as more details may follow. Be sure to save some time for gathering all the goodies that might come your way soon! Even if Alice's intentions are not yet clearly revealed, you can be certain that things will get busy around here shortly, so look forward to it!


Yay! Can't Wait!
Yay! I knew I was putting off clicking for a reason. :p
Oo, sounds awesome!
Ahh, I haven't been around for an event in ages. Can't wait!
Cool! Sounds like fun! :)
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Monday July 22 2019 6:40 am
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