Is she gone? Has Alice left? I know she says she's here with good intentions, but I still don't trust her. Not after last time! I've been waiting for her to leave because it is once again the season of love! I've re-opened my matching service and will keep it open until the end of February 21st!

Click in the CE to collect cards, and then offer them to lonely critters. One of them might just fall in love and follow you home!

Was that Alice over there? She must still be cleaning up a few things. Looks like the Chimeleon Adoptabits are still available in the Cash Shop. They're super cool, so if you've been looking at them you probably have a day or so to get them before Alice packs up once and for all.... until she comes back next time that is!


Hurray, my favourite event!
Oh, its back! Maybe I can get more this year. Couldn't work up the ambition to click last year for this.

I may pass out from clicking soon. XD
I guess we earned too many pink adopts last year, Silver needs more clicks to give us some cards. lol

Nice to see this event again.
For anyone who forgot to spend their Alice tokens - the shop will remain open -
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Monday July 22 2019 6:53 am
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