Hello there! I've been looking after the Lost and Found for a while now and it's always such a depressing place. All this talk of abandoning, and adoptables that their owners don't want. It's not the sort of place I want to work! So I've rebranded! The Lost and Found is now a place for donations, filled with adoptables that kind users want to share with others.

To support this rebranding effort, I've added a new bonus feature - the Heart of Gold! Every three days you can donate an adoptable to the Lost and Found. That adoptable will be put there for someone else to adopt, but I will give you a special gold version of it! Think of it as a bonus for your generosity!


This is the first use of some new tech we've built to improve how we do recolors. With this new overlay system we can have more interesting overlays (you'll notice this one has some texture rather than just being yellow), and we can also preserve the lineart as (mostly) black. Like the pink and blue adopts it won't work on every adoptable - for example where an image has faint transparency (e.g. opacity 99%), or where there is weird anti-aliasing this may not work properly. If you find any adopts that look particularly bad, please post them in the forums so we can look into it and hopefully improve the system if we are able to!


I think a lot of people are forgetting this is more of a proof of concept rather than a polished product. I'm not the biggest fan, but I'm looking forward to what it can lead to
the gold recolors are nice but i cant help but notice that it makes the lineart look choppy on a Lot of adoptables, which isnt great
Oooh I'm really excited to have a gold adopt for each of my armies, that's the first thing I'm gonna do with this feature.
I think it's fun, like getting a shiny Pokemon :D Going to be hard to collect golds though, since I would have to part with those same adorable critters first XD
I'm also not a fan of the recolors. I think the new L&F mechanic is great, but I think I would rather see some kind of new medaled version instead of the recolor.
Not gonna lie, but these gold recolours look terrible. Seems just like a weird yellowish recolour that removed most of the elements that made the adopt like like itself.
I love this feature!
They look really nice <3 just got a Northen Star Nikki
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Thursday May 23 2019 8:01 am
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